Buckets for the bathroom – what to pay attention to when choosing

The thoughtfulness and functionality of the bathroom is the basis of everyday human comfort. Each element must be in its place and meet the conditions in which it is operated. Any bathroom is, first of all, high humidity, which causes many materials to deteriorate quickly. This aspect is important to consider when choosing such an indispensable element for the bathroom as a trash can.

In order for the bucket to be as convenient and practical as possible, you need to decide on the most durable material, the optimal type of construction and volume.


In rooms with high humidity, garbage buckets made entirely of high-quality stainless steel have proven themselves best. This material has many advantages, such as:

  • corrosion resistance
  • resistance to household detergents and any aggressive environments
  • long service life
  • high mechanical strength
  • resistance to mold and fungi
  • resistance to sudden temperature changes





Trash cans come in different shapes and sizes. Thanks to this, you can easily choose the most optimal model, both in terms of external and functional characteristics, in order to organize the bathroom space as thoughtfully as possible.

The following main types of buckets can be distinguished:

  • With a lid – a classic model that boasts good tightness. The mechanism of opening the lid is different, which will be relevant for small rooms;
  • With a pedal – a convenient and practical model, the lid of which opens when you press the pedal with your foot. This method of opening the lid is the most hygienic, so such buckets are most often found in public institutions;
  • With a rotating lid – to open such a lid, you need to push it slightly. Due to a special magnet in the lid, spontaneous opening is prevented, thereby achieving the tightness of the bucket;
  • With a rim without a lid - a special rim helps to fix the garbage bag. To replace the package, it is enough to remove the rim and remove it;
  • Basket - due to the mesh sides, this bucket model can only be used for odorless garbage (napkins, cotton swabs, cotton pads, etc.).

Which option to choose is up to you, depending on the purpose and desired functionality of the bucket.


Equally important is the volume of the trash can for the bathroom. For small waste, you can choose a product with a volume of up to 1 liter. If the trash can will be used by the whole family to throw out paper, napkins and similar waste, it is worth paying attention to products with a volume of up to 5 liters. Despite their capacity, such buckets are compact enough and do not take up much space.

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