ArmaComfort как способ улучшить акустический комфорт зданий

Невозможно увидеть тишину. Но как показывает практика, не все слои звукоизоляции, которые должны обеспечивать защиту от шума, достойны похвалы.

Sound-proof membrane: advantages of application

The TECSOUND membrane is used for sound insulation of ceilings, under the floor screed, it is also used as an independent damping layer for metal structures.

Insulation of the apartment

Insulation foamed rubber is one of the affordable and best for the price of materials for rapid sound insulation of the apartment.

How to make sound insulation of the car

One of the most popular and affordable materials for soundproofing car is a foamed rubber.

Vibration of the Foundation in the vicinity of the Railways

Elastic supporting members support characteristics of the load distribution on the tracks, and reduces vibrations caused by unevenness of wheels and rails.

Insulation car

To eliminate extraneous sounds in the car, there are two kinds of materials: sound insulating and vibration control.

How to make sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment

Frameless method of soundproofing ceiling is a good solution for rooms with low ceilings, as the minimum thickness is only 53 mm.

Soundproofing restaurants and cafes

For effective correction of the acoustics of the restaurant at all frequencies used broadband absorbers - frame-obshivnye of a partition consisting of a sound-absorbing filler and plates of perforated plasterboard.