How to make sound insulation of the car

Comfort is the most important thing in the life of every motorist, and the noise disrupts the conditions of comfort.

Recently, the noise insulation of the car has become a common service in many garages, as manufacturers of modern cars in the race for the lowest cost in the fierce competition perform only the minimum conditions for acoustic comfort.

What is that noise?

More than 65% of extraneous sounds penetrate into the interior through the bottom of the car, so isolating this part of the car included in the mandatory set of works. In many models, the sound insulation of the roof is absent, giving a feeling of discomfort from the heavy rain. And noises in the doors that can grow along with the engine, quickly tire even the most patient person.

What to do? Our decision!

One of the most popular and affordable materials for soundproofing car is a foamed rubber.

Its features:

  1. Has high sound insulating properties
  2. Stretchy and soft - perfect for soundproofing uneven areas of the body
  3. Resistance to aggressive environments, protects pipes from corrosion
  4. Has sticky-reinforced layer, which leads to the installation of the highest quality
  5. Has insulating characteristicsthat will help to keep cool from the air conditioner in the summer and the heat from the stove in the winter
  6. Ecologically and hygienically safe material
  7. Certified material
  8. Affordable price

What body parts can we shumoizolyatory:

  • insulation of the bonnet and bonnet cover provides heat insulation of the engine in the winter;
  • sound insulation for roof and ceiling of the machine helps to remove the "crickets", eliminates extraneous noise from outside vehicles and completely changes the feel of the car in heavy rain;
  • noise reduction doors greatly reduce outside noise and also helps to improve the sound of your music system in the vehicle;
  • insulation of the floor the car cuts off the roar of the roadway and being hit by stones from the wheels on the underside of the car;
  • noise insulation wheel arches - the most common type of work done, as the main source of noise from a moving car is always wheeled system.

Sheet insulation with a thickness of 6 mm and 9 mm are the most popular thickness for sound insulation of the car and reduce the noise level by 10 dB.

The variation of the insulation without the adhesive base is the most affordable option for the price. The sheet with the adhesive layer will save time and labor during installation. And the insulation with aluminum coating will retain heat in winter and cool in summer.

If to work with your hands, then you can save some money and not lose quality.

In order to efficiently stick the sheets, you first have to remove all the parts of the skin, dedust and degrease the surface.

Seitalieva favorite car foam rubber, you will reduce the noise level in the cabin from external unwanted noise and motor noise, eliminate squeaks decorative elements of the salon and improve the speakers sound and thermal insulation of the interior in General.

And our price will surprise You: only 249 UAH per sq. m.


Voznyuk Anna