Soundproofing ceiling

In this article I will tell you how to get minimum comfort and quiet in the apartment without having to spend extra money.
Imagine you bought an apartment in a new building. And the first test for you – repair! Of course, buying an apartment, no extra money, and budget for the repair have to cut. But despite the lack of money, because you want comfort, coziness and quietness in the house?!

Like everyone else, I think you imagined a new apartment, what it would be like and which will stand furniture, what will be the Wallpaper, bathroom, tiles and other nuances. But one of the highlights of renovation, which cost to pay attention - it's soundproofing. And the older you get, the more you realize that the main thing I want is silence. Think about and answer the question: "What is the main requirement for the new building, namely to your apartment, where you may live many years?" I came to the conclusion that the silence is almost my only requirement which I might have to live life, raise children and grow old, and you know who in old age does not want peace and quiet.

Actually share the knowledge that I have gained working in the company of SAMPRAS so you can choose the right efficient material for insulation and save your budget for repair.

In this article I want to touch on the topic of soundproofing a floor: how at lowest cost to achieve quality and effective sound insulation in the apartment, as more than 70% of the noise that bothers us, due to the ineffective insulation of the screed, the neighbors above or at all due to its absence. In the field of sound insulation of the floor, there are several types of solutions and offerings in the market, fundamentally different from each other, and more expensive isn't always better. Let's consider one of such materials - a canvas of chemically crosslinked PPE Sanpol Foam.

To better understand the issue and to correctly choose an effective material for soundproofing a floor, we need to delve into this topic and understand what is "soundproofing floors", and what types of noise are. For this we need a little theory. Many of you probably know, but nevertheless, the noise in the apartments is divided into three types.

Airborne noise is noise that is spread through the air, loud conversation, shouts, traffic noise or the sound of a siren on the street outside the window of your apartment, etc.

Impact noise is any impact that is perceived by a structural element of the building, is transferred into the room and has a very wide areal distribution. Her heels on the tile on the floor, run around the apartment neighbors above, the nail in the wall or floor are sources of percussive sound.

And structural noisecaused by vibration of communication in the buildings. It can be the noise of flushing water in the pipes, the sounds in the air ducts.

Separately, to isolate the ceiling will cost you much more than insulate it well, but from the neighbors above, that is, their gender. It is unlikely, especially if the neighbors have made repairs.

If your budget is limited, it is not necessary to do the soundproofing the entire apartment, but if in principle, there Paul, there a wall from the neighbor, the effect can be unpredictable. Better to completely isolate the bedroom or a bedroom and nursery.

Generally, noise is most troubling in these areas. And to put the child to sleep, or to go to sleep to the sound of the punch or the sound of neighbors above, but we did it. The only sex should be done as a whole throughout the apartment. First, it is cheaper, secondly, get rid of problems with neighbors.

Well, actually, I give you a short overview of insulation options:

Soundproofing using fabric from chemically crosslinked PPE Sanpol Foam cost almost the cheapest on the market, but when installed correctly, are very effective, as evidenced by minutes of acoustic tests.
At a thickness of 10 mm, an effect as from a sound-proof panels, thickness 50 -70mm, the index of reduction of impact noise up to 30dB.
At the moment it's the best polymeric materials for acoustic insulation of floor screed on a parity the price-quality. The average cost per m2 – 40 UAH. (varies depending on thickness 5,8,10 mm):

  • Price cloth XPE 5 mm - 40,00 UAH/m2
  • Price cloth XPE 8 mm - 65,00 UAH/m2
  • Price cloth XPE 10 mm - 80.00 UAH/m2

Thanks to closed cell structure, chemically cross linked PPE does not shrink,unlike other materials used for soundproofing screeds. Lightweight material, very convenient for installation.

Quick and easy installation is the speed of execution of the work, and saved money – in the form of payment for man-hours of hired workers.

In comparison with cotton, substrates of polyester fibers, foam, water-repellent properties. In addition, the material has a long lifespan -20-25 years. The only disadvantage of the material – only cope with a shock and noise are not effective against air.

Because of its thickness, efficiency, ease of installation and price, are chemically cross-linked polyethylene SanpolFoam gaining a leading position on the market.

So, let's summarize. To choose the necessary sound insulating materials, it is necessary to turn to professionals, for example, to engineers-acoustical or to take ready solutions for sound insulation of apartments, and they are not always available, as every seller tries to sell their products.

Actually I wrote this article to help you choose the right solution on the market without having to spend extra money on ineffective materials. The choice is yours!

Sergey Yatskevich

If You live in a block of flats and decided to soundproof my apartment, it is best to contact Anna and get professional advice.