Soundproofing cinemas

Many were in IMAX cinemas, but not everyone knows what the acronym stands for. IMAX is a phrase of two English. words — Image Maximum, which translates very simply - the biggest picture maximum picture. IMAX is just the biggest, brightest and most detailed projection, which only can be created in the cinema at the current level of technology. But the viewer is not interested, what does a particular abbreviation of the name of the video or audio system, what it means, what features it has. The audience comes to the cinema to enjoy a movie with high quality video and realistic, powerful sound and special effects.

The ultra-modern cinemas use speaker systems that open infinite possibilities for high-end audio range, soundtracks and sound effects. But unfortunately, no audio, will not be able to produce high quality and pure sound in a room with poor acoustics. Also often the cinemas located in the major shopping centers and have a large number of rooms. Naturally due to inefficient insulation, such facilities will be a source of undesirable noise and create discomfort to other visitors of the shops and restaurants in the Mall. Acoustic discomfort affects the overall state of the touch system of the person - people in such circumstances get tired quickly, there is irritability and the desire for a change of scenery, a break from the stress and noise, and just walk away.

Effective soundproofing allows in this case to eliminate the spread of noise and provide acoustic comfort in premises adjacent to the cinema halls. Soundproofing theater system allows you to provide acoustic comfort inside the cinema – the audience is not distracted by the noises outside and can 100% take in the atmosphere of the film.

No wonder many proven developers of video and audio equipment to cinemas, for example, the company Dolby laboratories for many years using its internal norms on permissible values of noise and acoustic parameters of the halls.
Here I will cite some figures of these rules:


  • the maximum sound level in a cinema hall equipped with Dolby Atmos reaches 100 dBA
  • maximum sound pressure level in the octave band of 63 Hz in the cinema, equipped with Dolby Atmos reaches 120 dB
  • maximum permissible standards of noise protection the noise level penetrating in the cinema - 30 dBA
  • recommended index of airborne sound insulation of partitions between the halls of the cinema is 72 dB


To provide these indicators for the sound insulation of cinemas using modern materials with different structure and properties – absorbing and sound-reflecting.

Soundproofing cinemas must perform two key functions:

  • do not miss the extraneous sounds from outside the hall (from the street, from the next room, or rooms)
  • not to let the sound out, thus providing not only great sound and audibility in the cinema, but also to guarantee comfort and quiet those who are outside the hall


The main objective is, of course, the isolation of the theater from adjacent areas. Soundproofing walls, ceilings and floors will allow you to isolate the room and prevent the unwanted propagation of noise from the halls to other premises in the shopping center.

For sound absorption in cinemas on the walls and ceiling are applied such materials:

  • frameless system ZIPS, in particular a sandwich panel ZIPS-cinema (index additional airborne sound insulation - ΔRw = 16-18 DB)
  • karkasno-obshivnye of a partition consisting of sound-absorbing acoustic wool will Somanet or Aculate and sound proof drywall sheets high density Saundlayn-GCLA or Aku Online GCLA Gyproc

The partitions between the halls in the cinema, equip the camera, also filled with sound-absorbing wool will Somanet or Aculate.


For sound proofing the floor apply the system:

  • ZIPS-GENDER Module (index of reduction of impact noise ∆ L, w = 38дБ, the index of the additional airborne sound insulation - ΔRw = 7-9 dB)
  • plate Sometop K2 (index of reduction of impact noise ∆ L, w = 32дБ) and Sometop C2 (index of reduction of impact noise ∆ L, w = 39дБ , the index of the additional airborne sound insulation - ΔRw = 8-10 dB)
  • panel Sometop-techno (index of reduction of impact noise ∆ L, w = 41 dB)


In the cinema also have to be made acoustic and vibration isolation of engineering equipment: ventilation and conditioning of film equipment. For this purpose, vibration-isolating hangers for equipment will Somanet-connect, polyurethane elastomer Sylomer anti-vibration and steel springs Isotop.

Another important point – ensure the audibility and intelligibility of the sound. In the cinema the sound is evenly spread around the room, reaching the first and the last rows at the same time. Therefore, to apply sound insulation and sound absorbing materials in such areas should be with caution.

For acoustic design ceiling space of the cinema, in addition to the sound insulating frame designs used special acoustic ceilings. To ensure acoustic comfort in the theaters use one panel in the grid.

Effectively correct acoustic environment at low frequencies – sheets perforated plasterboard Gyptone and Knauf.

Also materials perfectly suited for the acoustics of cinemas are as follows:

  • decorative panels of wood fiber SoundBoard and Troldtekt
  • the perforated panels Decoustic
  • acoustic foam
  • Sonaspray - sprayed material based on cellulose flakes

Such materials are not only perfectly correct for the acoustics of the theater, but fit perfectly into the interior without the extra cost of the design.

The company "Sanpreis" offers modern solutions for effective soundproofing and the creation of acoustic comfort in the cinemas

Sergey Yatskevich