Soundproofing restaurants and cafes

What is the main purpose of any restaurant or cafe? This is a high quality service. How to ensure that customers wanted to linger in school longer, and they wanted to come back again?
The profits of restaurants and cafes directly depends on the comfort of visitors, including acoustic comfort.
Here the working formula:

less comfort = less residence time visitors = less than average bill

But in order to attract new and retain existing clients in terms of present competition, among the numerous restaurant chains, cafes, bars and fast foods- have a delicious cuisine with a wide range of food and friendly and helpful staff is not enough. In the current environment when the market presents a huge number of dining establishments and rest, the client becomes selective and demanding. Important comfort, comfort, interior, atmosphere, music, and other factors influencing the choice of institution.

Comfortable acoustics is the basis of the concept of comfort in any institution. Properly chosen acoustic decoration of the restaurant helps to avoid unnecessary noise that may spoil the mood and relaxation to the visitors.

The main tasks that should solve the soundproofing of the restaurant:

  • Soundproofing of walls, partitions, ceilings and floors between rooms of restaurants, and various infrastructure (residential apartments/hotel rooms/rooms in SEC, depending on the location of the restaurant);
  • Sound and vibration isolation of engineering equipment:- noise reduction of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, vibration refrigeration and kitchen machines, as well as other adjacent technical areas
  • Acoustic comfort in restaurants and cafes, especially in the case of using them in karaoke.


In order to achieve an acoustically comfortable space in the restaurant, you need to think about acoustic solutions already at the design stage. During the construction phase can be implemented necessary for the acoustics of the restaurant vibro - and sound insulation with the least financial cost and in the shortest possible time, and to develop the necessary acoustic design of institutions.

When the device of sound insulation in restaurants shall apply the requirements of Ukrainian national construction regulation "Protection against noise", I will cite some numbers from them:

  • permissible equivalent noise level in the hall of cafes, restaurants - 55 dBA;
  • the minimum required sound insulation of walls separating the premises from apartments to restaurants is 57 dB;
  • in 99% of cases it is possible to improve acoustic comfort and reduce hollowness in the restaurant or cafe, apply the decoration sound-absorbing materials.

The main objective of the acoustic design of the restaurant is to reduce the level of environmental background noise, improve speech intelligibility, achieving purity and uniform sound of music. With the problem of high gulcose areas in the range of medium and high frequencies (speech, footsteps, the clatter of dishes and Cutlery, the sound of cars on the street, which actually are the main source of noise in the restaurant) effectively cope sound-absorbing materials. In our market they are presented acoustic wool will Somanet, Acousticwool, Knauf, panels ZIPS, Akufen, acoustic ceilings and wall panels of various types of "applications", as well as panels made of wood wool.

Fibrous and porous acoustic materials show excellent performance in sound absorption in mid and high frequency range. If the restaurant has a dance floor, karaoke or speakers installed to play music, acoustic design must take into account the appearance in the acoustic space of the sound entire frequency spectrum. For effective correction of the acoustics of the restaurant at all frequencies used broadband absorbers - frame-obshivnye of a partition consisting of a sound-absorbing filler, acoustic wool will Somanet-BM, will Somanet-EKO or Acolit Neo and plates perforated plasterboard Saundlayn-Acoustics, Acoustics, Knauf, Knauf of Lanolin or Aku Online Gyproc. Perforations of various shape, size and frequency allows to flexibly adjust the acoustic performance of the structure in accordance with the requirements of the restaurant.

Gaining popularity of the acoustic panel Troldtekt and Soundboard of wood fibre, connected with environmentally friendly cement. Even among broadband absorbers I want to highlight decorative acoustic panels from CDF(Compact Density Fibreboard) Decoustic and Acoustic Decor for the finest interiors. High sound absorption coefficient decorative panels in all frequency ranges provide maximum efficiency of acoustic events, and the exquisite and elegant design, the variety of appearance, individual approach and the highest quality veneer, dyeing and finishing support any theme of interior design.

Have excellent sound absorption properties and climatic stability. Can be painted in any colour BEFORE or AFTER installation. The panel will be the perfect complement the design intent of the restaurant and guarantee acoustic comfort of its visitors. Decorative panels are the most popular tool in acoustic design of restaurants.

For solving the problems of vibration isolation schemes for engineering equipment and noise reduction systems of ventilation and air conditioning, noise, refrigeration and kitchen equipment, as well as other adjacent technical rooms used vibrapods will Somanet-connect and Vibroplex, elastomers of polyurethane Sylomer and Sylodyn, as well as the spring isolators Isotop .

The specialists of "Sanpreis" will help to create acoustic comfort in your institution who will assess all customers.

Sergey Yatskevich