Handrail L-type

Handrail L-type wall structure with the capture angle of 90°

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Handrail L-type is a wall structure with the capture angle of 90°. Handrails installed on the wall. It has three attachment points, each of which has two mounting holes for bolting in place. Most often, the handrails of this type are installed in the zones near the shower seat for bathing. It will allow the person to rise from the chair in upright position and lean to stand and Vice versa.

Handrail used not only for people with disabilities, after surgery, the elderly, but in private apartments as a prop in an area of high humidity. It is easily assembled and cleaned of contaminants. Enough clean it with disinfectant or detergent.

Mounting: handrail attached to the wall. She must be a carrier. If the mounting rails are produced on plasterboard wall must be load-bearing mortgage. Fasteners are included.

Scope of application: medical institutions, hotels, motels, nursing homes, airports, shopping malls, railway stations, apartments and private homes.


Diameter of the handrail pipe: 32mm

Handrail size: 80x40x12cm

Material: stainless steel AISI 304

Country of origin: Turkey

Brand: Maxiflow

Article number: 4837

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