The rail under sink

The handrail is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and has six points of support.

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The handrail under the sink provides an additional point of support to the process of washing the person is not relied on the sink itself. The handrail has six points of attachment: wall-wall-floor-floor-floor-floor. Each support point has two mounting holes for mounting the handrail to the wall with plugs. Each fulcrum has trim (52mm) for aesthetic appearance of the product. All construction is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

These grab bars are placed in rooms with washbasin. By such holder, even people on wheelchair can climb into a vertical position. The handrail allows without assistance to perform personal hygiene procedures (wash, brush teeth, etc.).

Scope of application: medical institutions, hotels, motels, nursing homes, airports, shopping malls, railway stations, apartments and private homes.

Mounting: handrail fixed to the wall and to the floor. Installation is carried out around the sink. The wall must be load-bearing.

Diameter of the handrail pipe: 32 mm

Handrail size: 76x74x80 cm

Material: stainless steel AISI 304

Country of origin: Turkey

Brand: Maxiflow

Article number: 4838

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