The handrail is straight in ABS plastic

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The handrail is straight in ABS plastic

Handrails made of AISI 304 or AISI 201 stainless steel with ABS plastic coating.

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The handrails are straight – they are attached to the wall and help people with disabilities to manage without assistance. Handrails provide support when walking, standing and sitting. Handrails are suitable for people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, after surgery, the elderly.

The main advantage of such structures is - strength.

The handrails are made of AISI 304 or AISI 201 stainless steel and are covered with ABS plastic.

The ribbed structure of the coating provides slip resistance, safety and rigidity.

The coating is made of self-extinguishing material and has the property of non-combustion.

The product is environmentally friendly and suitable for different groups of the population.
The patented design of the flange provides:

  • endurance
  • simple installation
  • exclusion of deformations

Scope of application: medical institutions, hotels, sanatoriums, nursing homes, airports, shopping centers, train stations, apartments and private houses.

Mounting: the handrails are attached to the wall through mounting holes, 4 pieces on each side. After that, we close it with decorative plugs.
The wall for mounting must be load-bearing. If the fastening of the handrails is made on a drywall wall, load-bearing mortgages should be provided. Fasteners are included.

  • Recommended installation height: 70-75 cm
  • Length of handrails: 50 and 80cm
  • Steel grade: AISI 201 - yellow handrails

                                    AISI 304 - white handrails

  • Coating: durable non-flammable nylon
  • Product code:  HS-024A

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