Toilet seat Evo 0417

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Toilet seat Evo 0417

The toilet seat is made of duroplast with a lid with a microlift.

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The seat with a toilet seat cover Evo 0417 is made of durable duroplast. Externally, the material is similar to ceramics, but it is one of the varieties of plastic. Duroplast is a durable, durable and reliable material.

The metal seat hinges have a distance of 112-175 mm, which allows you to move the cover forward/backward if necessary.

The lid has a smooth lowering device (microlift), this eliminates unnecessary noise when the lid falls, protects it from damage.

A bonus to this model will be the Quick Release Quick Release function (you only need 2 clicks to remove the cleaning seat). 

The kit contains: 

  • seat
  • two stilettos with piglets-pads
  • two gaskets
  • two nuts
  • two microlifts.

Type: Seat with cover
Microlift availability: yes
Material: duroplast
Color: White
Width: 372mm
Length: 440-440mm
Package dimensions: 41x49x40
Package weight: 2.5kg
Distance between fasteners: 112-175mm
Scope of application: household, for public places
Manufacturer: NKP
Country of origin: Turkey
Warranty: 2 years manufacturer's warranty

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