Foil with adhesive layer

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Foil with adhesive layer

Foil with adhesive layer is used for insulation of pipelines of various diameters, ventilation systems and ducts.

Foil with an adhesive layer reinforced with a material composed of aluminum foil 20 µm reinforced PET film and a 20 µm adhesive layer.


  • As a protection for the rubber pipe and sheet isolation from the influence of climatic factors of the external environment and mechanical damage,
  • For isolation of pipelines of various diameters, ventilation systems and ducts,
  • To protect the insulation of tanks and valves in heating systems and water supply.

The benefits of foil with the adhesive layer:

  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Not subject to corrosion and decay
  • Retains its properties when heated up to 1500With
  • Performs the functions of steam, hydro, and wind shield
  • Withstands significant mechanical loads
  • Enhances the effect of insulation materials
  • Has a high heat-reflecting indicators

Environmentally friendly product, contains no harmful substances.

Form of issue:

  • Width: 1 m
  • Roll length 100 m (sold in multiples of 1 LM)

Operating temperature range :-40.. 1300C.


  • Thickness of 200 microns
  • Breaking load of 150 N/cm2
  • Adhesion of adhesive layer not less than 500 N/m
  • The coefficient of thermal reflectance of the surface of 90%
  • Water vapor permeability coefficient: not more than 0.001 mg/MCPA

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