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Foil fiberglass

Foil coating for pipeline insulation consists of fiberglass 160 g/cm2, the aluminum foil 9 µm PET film 12 microns.


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Foil fiberglass is a composite material consisting of fiberglass cloth 160 g/cm2, aluminum foil 9 microns and PET film 12 µm.

Use foil fiberglass:

  • For isolation of pipelines of various diameters, tanks and reservoirs
  • To protect the insulation of heating and water supply
  • For insulation of walls, floors and ceilings

The advantages of foiled fiberglass:

  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Has low thermal conductivity
  • Not subject to corrosion and decay
  • Environmentally friendly product

Form of issue:

  • Width: 1 m
  • Roll length 100 m (sold in multiples of 1 m)

Operating temperature range: -350C to 950C


  • The coefficient of thermal reflectance of the surface - 90%
  • Vapor permeability coefficient of not more than 0.001 mg/MCPA

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