NH/Armaflex rubber insulation

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NH/Armaflex rubber insulation

Professional thermal insulation made of foam rubber to reduce smoke generation and toxic emissions in the event of a fire.


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Rubber insulation NH / Armaflex is a flexible material with a closed porous structure based on synthetic rubber, does not contain halogens, is designed for HVAC systems and other systems with increased safety requirements.

Main advantages:

  • It does not contain halogens, chlorides and bromides
  • Excellent protection against water vapor diffusion
  • Prevents corrosion cracking under pressure of stainless steel
  • It does not emit dioxin and frenol during burning
  • Low smoke generation during burning and smoldering
  • Easy to install, does not require special tools
  • It has a closed-cell structure and low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent resistance to ozone, oils, chemicals, extreme weather conditions, wear
  • It does not create dust and does not contain small fibers
  • It is recommended for use in railway, military, marine and other types of vehicles
  • Release form:
    • In the form of tubes with a length of 2 m or in the form of rolls with a width of 1 m
    • The inner diameter of the tube varies from 10 to 114 mm. Wall thickness: 9, 13, 19, 25 mm
    • Thickness of sheet insulation: 3, 6, 10, 13, 19, 25, 32 mm
    • Sheet insulation is available with and without a sticky layer
  • Colour: dark grey / anthracite
  • Operating temperature range: -50° C ... 110°C
  • Flammability group: G1
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient λ: at an average temperature of 0°C - ≤0.040 W/(m·K)
  • Coefficient of vapor permeability resistance µ: ≥ 2000
  • Density: 50-70 kg / m3
  • Influence on a person: it does not contain PVC and freons

For the installation of insulation, you will need a rubber tape NT-Tape.

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