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Tape aluminum

Foil tape used for sealing of connecting seams of pipes, air ducts and other components.


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Aluminum tape is a foil tape composed of aluminum foil, synthetic fiber, which is deposited on the adhesive layer covered with special paper to prevent adhesion.

Application of aluminum strip:

  • For gluing of seams and joints of materials with aluminum coating (rubber, cylinders, lamella mats and piercing)
  • For sealing connecting seams of pipes, air ducts and other components
  • Often used in the installation of ventilation systems


The advantages of aluminum strip:

  • Protects against penetration of vapor, moisture, reduces heat loss
  • Durable and resistant to temperature extremes
  • Has a high degree of reflection of UV rays


The calculation of the aluminium strips produced according to the following formula: area of the pipeline 10%, in some cases, allowed consumption to 30% (additional winding on the insulation, bandages, etc.)

Form of issue:

  • Width 50 mm
  • Roll length 50 mm

Operating temperature range: 5... 800C.


  • Density 30 µm
  • Color - aluminum

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