PVC tape

PVC tape for gluing and sealing of joints in installation of pipe and sheet rubber insulation.


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PVC tape is an adhesive tape made of polyvinyl chloride used for installation of pipe and sheet insulation rubber like the "economy" option.

PVC tape is a versatile and widely applicable for the installation of pipelines, ventilation systems, for gluing and sealing joints of insulation.

The advantages of PVC belt:

  • Effective stickiness
  • Good moisture resistance and tensile strength,
  • Has high resistance to various chemicals

The calculation of the tape produced according to the following formula: area of pipe 10%, but under different application consumption of the tape can increase to 30% (additional winding on the insulation, bandages, flanges, valves).

Key features:

  • operating temperature range: -10... 85*C.


  • Width 50 mm
  • Length 25 m
  • Color-black

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