Pipe insulation in containment

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Pipe insulation in containment

Pipe insulation in containment is specially designed for insulation of pipes in heating systems and water when laying them in the hidden structures of floors and walls.


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Pipe insulation in a protective sheath made of polyethylene foam is a durable protective polymer coating that protects against mechanical damage and ensures the quality of the insulation on the objects are not only private construction, and for civil and industrial objects.

For visual distinction of cold and hot water the protective coating is of two colors – red and blue.

Key benefits:

  • Is ecologically clean and does not contain harmful substances
  • Significantly reduces heat loss in the pipes with hot water and heating systems
  • Reliably protects against loss of cold in the systems of cold water supply
  • Resistant to the aggressive influences of cement mortars
  • Effective for noise reduction in pipelines
  • Helps to facilitate the search pipe in the screed if necessary
  • Protects the system from mechanical damage
  • Compensates for thermal expansion of the pipes, thus , protects the screed from destruction
  • Easy installation and dismantling


Because of its low thermal conductivity of pipe insulation in the containment reduces the loss of heat from distributors in plumbing and heating installations by up to 80%.

This gives not only economic efficiency but also ecological safety at the facilities.

Form release pipe insulation:

  • Length - 2m.
  • Thickness - 4, 6, 9, 13, 20, 25 mm
  • Diameters from 15 to 42 mm
  • Color: red and blue

Operating temperature range: -45.... 1050With
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: at 100C – 0,036 W/(MK) according to GOST 16381-77 p. 22
The resistance to water vapor diffusion: ≥ 5000
Good biological resistance
Fire safety – G1-DSTU B V. 2.7-19-95 (GOST 30244-94)

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