The protective coating of the SILVER GUARD

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The protective coating of the SILVER GUARD

Aluminum protective covering is mounted on the previously insulated piping to protect the rubber insulation.


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Protective coating of SILVER GUARD is aluminosiloxane 3-layer coating consisting of a flexible layer thickness of 200 microns soft aluminum foil with a thickness of 9 µm and PETF polyester film with a thickness of 23 microns.

The mounting surface is performed on the previously insulated pipelines with an awl, special rivets and aluminum tape.

The application of the protective coating of the SILVER GUARD:

  • Protection for pipe and sheet rubber isolation
  • Objects food and chemical industries
  • Objects located both outdoors and indoors

The advantages of the protective coating of the SILVER GUARD:

  • Provides protection from harmful UV radiation
  • Protects the insulation from mechanical damage, weathering and chemical aggressive substances
  • It has better resistance to corrosion under insulation
  • Great fights condensation
  • The material is subject to sanitary treatment at the enterprises
  • The material is not toxic
  • Reduces power consumption and increases the service life of the insulation,
  • Easily assembled and disassembled and has excellent flexibility.

Form of issue:

  • Width: 1 m
  • Roll length 25 m

Operating temperature range: from -60to 1000With


  • The total thickness of 235 microns
  • Flexibility - 87 MPa
  • Coefficient of vapor diffusion resistance: less than 2000
  • Colour - silver

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