Vibration isolation hangers

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Universal mount ULTRACOUSTIC

Ultracoustic suitable for both walls and ceilings, helping to reduce noise by 25%.

Ceiling mount SOMANET-CONNECT K15

Vibration insulating mount SOMANET-CONNECT K15 used when mounting the ceiling frame type.

Ceiling suspension will SOMANET-CONNECT PP

Ceiling suspension effectively reduces the transmission of sound vibrations to the plates.

The wall mount will SOMANET-CONNECT, COP

Anti-vibration wall mount premium wall used to frame the wall on a metal frame.

The wall mount will SOMANET-CONNECT PS

Will SOMANET-CONNECT PS this is a basic anti-vibration wall mount.

Zvukorezhiser suspension WOLF

Zvukozapisi suspension WOLF comes to the mounting system panels Ponstar using mullion profile.