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Vibration in the leaves.


Vibration isolation hangers.


Vibration isolation supports for equipment.

Vibration absorbing mastic

Mastic VIBRONET A5 is used to reduce the vibration of various machines, mechanisms, construction and engineering designs.

Vibration is any action aimed at the protection of engineering equipment, devices, people, vibration.
Low-frequency sources:
ventilation system, air conditioning, chiller, elevators, pumping stations, refrigerating machines, compressors, fan coils, and others.

This equipment is spread vibrations through the building structure on which they are installed. The result is the deterioration of the health of people who are in the room or around him.

To prevent should:

  • exclude a location adjacent horizontally and vertically with provision of premises with high noise protection (hospitals, residential and office space)
  • to vibroisolating units by means of a spring, rubber or a composite vibration isolators (Sylomer, will Somanet-connect, Vibromat)
  • apply technical rooms the floors on an elastic Foundation or vibrationvelocity grounds under the elements of the system

Basic error:

1. The lack of vibration isolators under the equipment.
2. Rigidly mounted piping.

For the selection of the right material, You should provide the following information on engineering equipment:

1. Type of equipment, the room where it is located.
2. Data collection (technical data sheet): length, mass, minimal rotational speed.

If the ducts and pipes:

1. Determine the type of suspension will Somanet-connect 1/30 or 4/30
2. Define brand attachment (load): weight of the duct 1 TDG.m, the number of attachment points, step.

When sending full information on your equipment/system, our experts in quick time will help You to find the right isolators to solve this problem.