Vibration in the leaves.


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SYLOMER is a great material for vibration control based on foamed polyurethane.
Developers – the Austrian company Getzner.

Is an elastomer with a mixed open-closed cellular structure.

1. Vibration of buildings – construction of buildings in the elastic supports of elastomer.
Point belt or full-plane support, depending on design decisions.

2. Engineering equipment: ventilation unit, main pumps, compressors, generators, refrigeration equipment, boilers, etc. to install the equipment on vibration damping springs and vibrapods. Or laying under screed vibration absorber.
For selection you need the following data:

  • type of equipment
  • wiring diagram
  • operating frequency
  • the weight of the equipment
  • base design

3.Transport on the rails: a rail transport movement causes vibrations that are transmitted through the ground to nearby structures. Several methods of laying elastomer: an elastic support for the tracks on concrete slabs, podballastnye mats, rail and sleeper pads, podpolnye strip.

4. Industrial equipment: forging hammers, presses, mills for grinding. Vibration isolation of foundations of machines. Necessary for the selection of the same data, and the selection of engineering equipment.

5. Energy: construction of mini HPP. Vibration of turbine foundations.
6. Wooden houses – wooden elastic decoupling elements of the building.
7. The landing – installation of elastic supports on stair flights and landings.
8 anti-vibration suspensions and fixings.
9. An important element in the system of ZIPS.

Features of this material:

  1. The dynamic module of elasticity – its minimum value at high loads.
  2. The achievement of the resonance frequency to 5 Hz.
  3. A wide range of static loading: 0.5 to 300 t/m2.
  4. Minor longitudinal expansion under load.
  5. Chemical resistance.
  6. Durability – not less than 100 years.
  7. The ability to withstand a large load cycle – 2 million

There are 10 types, each of which are characterized by their static load at 1 m and color.
SYLOMER SR 11 – used for engineering equipment, rail transport, Foundation of buildings, the system of "floating floor" (a static load is 0.011 N/mm2).
SYLOMER SR28, SR -42 - used for equipment and structures with light weight (static load 0,011/0,028/0,042 N/mm2).
SYLOMER SR55, SR110 used for equipment and structures with an average weight capacity (static load 0,055/0,110 N/mm2).
SYLOMER SR220 and above for higher loads and heavy equipment.

With sheets Sylomer cut with a sharp knife strip and placed on a pre-planned basis for equipment under the project. For reliability, use the glue for polyurethane.

  • Main thickness: 12,5 and 25 mm
  • Sheet size: 1,5x1,2m (1.8 m2)
  • Sold in multiples of: 1.5 m* 1пог.cm=0.015 m2 minimum order (band)
  • Combustibility group: G2
  • Application temperature: -300C to 700With
  • Melting temperature: 1500C... 1800With
  • Glass transition temperature: -500With
  • Color: adding color pigments to separate loads


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