Vibration absorbing mastic

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Vibration absorbing mastic

Mastic VIBRONET A5 is used to reduce the vibration of various machines, mechanisms, construction and engineering designs.


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VIBRONET A5 is a high viscosity paste. Base – aqueous dispersion polymers of vinyl acetate.


  • reduction of vibrations of different machines, assemblies, mechanisms, construction and engineering structures;
  • damping of pipelines, casings, casing assemblies, ventilation systems and other equipment in the frequency range from 25 to 10,000 Hz.

How to apply:

Paste is applied on the prepared surface with a trowel or spray in 2 layers with thickness not exceeding 4mm.
Consumption: 1,2 kg/m2 with a layer thickness of 1 mm.
Complete drying of the mastic – 24 hours (temperature 200C).
Apply the mastic directly on the metal surfaces of assemblies, reduction of vibration and noise propagation into the room.

Material features:

  • Vibration reduction up to 20 dB
  • The possibility of applying any primer and paint
  • Resistance to moisture, oils
  • The possibility of decoration after applying the mastic
  • Toxicity
  • Lifetime warranty coverage – 25 years
  • Packaging: buckets of 5 l (6 kg)
  • Application temperature: -600C... 1000With
  • Warranty period of storage of the postmark of 12 months in a warm warehouse

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