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What are the different types of systems:

  • Frame soundproofing
    — design sound insulation frame comprises a support frame, the combination of sound insulating materials, vibrapods and sealing materials. The frame is mounted through vibrapods to the surface that you want to isolate from noise.
  • Frameless soundproofing
    — soundproofing, which involves the installation of acoustic boards directly to the wall without a mounting frame. Such a system takes much less space, simplicity and speed of installation.


We offer
a wide range of materials to:

  • sound insulation of walls and partitions
  • sound insulation ceiling
  • floor sound insulation under screed and finishing coat
  • vibration isolation of engineering equipment
  • acoustic correction in premises

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  • Free preliminary calculation of different types of systems
  • The presence of materials in the warehouse
  • Do the delivery on the object
  • Certifications
  • Many years of sales experience
  • Help engineer – acoustics at solving complex problems
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