Set for the professional sound engineering systems

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Set for the professional sound engineering systems

The kit consists of a soundproof membrane with felt, reinforced duct tape, plastic clamps, glue and brushes.


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The kit is designed for isolation of different types of pipes in homes, offices, other private and public buildings with increased requirements for insulation diameter up to 110 mm:

  • pipe drainage system
  • sewer pipe
  • ventilation ducts in apartments
  • pipe risers

Due to the high material density (1900 kg/m3), and duplicate it with a layer of felt (60 kg/m3), this product is a great solution for soundproofing of pipes.

What is included in the set:
1. Acoustic membrane with felt FT75
2. Reinforced adhesive tape – 1рул
3. Plastic clamps for fixing material
4. Glue and brush for glue

This kit will allow you to insulate the pipe in the bathroom ceiling height 3.2 m.

Installation time: 1 hour.
Level of training: elementary, secondary.

The advantages of the material:

  • the exclusive technology of production of the material;
  • Spanish high quality;
  • eco-friendly material;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • professinally soundproofing;
  • high sound insulation of Rw=25dB.