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Soundproof enclosures Ultracoustic

Escutcheon with built-in mounting box – Legrand.


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Soundproof enclosures Ultracoustic designed for high quality finishing of the premises in the presence of most sockets.

Enclosures are available from 1 to 5 posts, depending on the needs of the Consumer.

Internal thickness is 35 mm.
Built-in junction boxes – Legrand.


  • has a solid plastic housing
  • apply any soundproofing
  • compatible with most sizes of sockets
  • the application does not affect the properties of acoustical design
  • high performance thanks to built-in boxes Legrand
  • no analogues


  • Installation is made flush with the finish layer of gypsum Board, gypsum fiber Board, and fits perfectly under a system of ZIPS.
  • The first coating layer, the layout of the rear part of the escutcheon and cut by jigsaw.
  • In the case in advance prepared holes for output of electric cable.
  • Then the escutcheon is attached to a sound-insulating design with screws.
  • After mounting, the drilled holes are filled with acoustic sealant Vibrocil.