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XPE underlay under screed

Chemically cross linked polyethylene foam with a minimum thickness has excellent soundproof performance.

A rolled substrate

Used in the system of "floating floor" and under the finishing coat.

Acoustic panels

Effective system, reducing impact noise to 42дБ!


Conformal coatings for "floating floors".

Zips panel

Prefabricated panel system below finish floor.

Soundproof panels Ponstar

Sound insulation of a thin panel under finish floor and under the screed.

The main problems in the construction of the relative insulation of floor structures:

  • discrepancy of mass of the bearing plate to the floor structure
  • the lack of overlapping weight
  • cracks and crevices – the lack of sealing
  • bad laying of the seams at the joints of plates

The device of sound insulation of the floor with special materials may help to improve performance. Such materials are porous or fibrous.

When choosing the material the Customer takes into account the following criteria:

  • The noise level Lnw≤60dB
  • The cost of material
  • The percentage shrinkage %≤10
  • The density of the material
  • The time of work

All of these materials are ideal under these criteria. Every material has its own characteristics and advantages.
For any project and any budget. But the choice is yours!