Acoustic panels

Effective system, reducing impact noise to 42дБ!


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Acoustic boards are used as the elastic layer under the screed. A distinctive feature of acoustic wool are:

  • the density of the material (90 to 105 kg/m3)
  • can be laid in 1 and 2 layers
  • effective reduction of impact noise (from 36 to 42дБ)!
  • recommended for high loads on the subfloor
  • works not only on drums but also on aerial noise!

Mounting all plates are the same: laying the slab joint to joint. Perimeter walls glued tape of Vibrotek-M or cut strips of Aquaflor (or plates Solotop) width 30-40cm. On top of the surface of the plate is placed film and be sure to use reinforcing mesh with a cell size of 50x50 mm with a thickness of 4 mm. rod After application of the screed trim the excess laminate layer and cover the joint acoustic sealant Vibrocil.

Below we will consider some variants of the acoustic plates to ensure that You finally made your choice:

Acoustic panels made of fiberglass are made by special technology. A distinctive feature of this material is the combination of low shrinkage under high load at low values of the modulus of dynamic loading.

This material has another advantage – it does not break, it can be great to go in installation process!!! And this is one of the problems in the application of acoustic wool on large objects.
The ideal ratio "price/quality" made this material an indispensable and popular.


  • 1200х600х20 mm
  • In the package 7.2 m2/10 plates
  • Density: 90 kg/m3


Relative compression under load:

  • 3% at a load of 2 000 N
  • 6 % at a load of 5 000 N

Index of reduction of impact sound by floor construction

  • at 20 mm thickness – ΔL n,w = 36 dB
  • with a thickness of 40 mm – ΔL n,w = 41 dB

Additional index of airborne sound insulation ΔRw = 10 dB*

Steklolit to reduce impact and airborne noise premium.

Consists of gidrogenizirovannogo staple fiber (fiber Ursa Glasswool).
Flammability group – NG.

Used Sumoto C-2 in tandem with Shumostop K-2 as your primary mid-layer under screed. Also, this material is used alone.

High acoustic performance. Apply for virtually any type of ceiling.
These plates are ideal for flooring not only in civil construction but also in industry, where particularly high demands on sound insulation.

Sizes: 1250х600х20мм. In the package of 7.5 m2/10 plates.
Density: 70 kg/m3.


  • Index of reduction of impact sound in the design of soundproof floor under screed 120kg/m2 ΔLn,w one layer of Sometop-C2 = 39 dB, two layers Sometop-C2 = 43 dB.
  • Additional insulation of airborne noise - ΔRw = 8-10 dB.


Shumostop K-2
Is a sound-proof slabs of basalt fiber.

Great for reduction of impact noise, especially in buildings with concrete floors.

Works perfectly in combination with the plates Sometop-2 (is the edge layer and where there is deformation layer), and independently. A convenient size of plates allow immediate use without additional cutting as the edge layer in the system of "floating floor".
Flammability group – NG.


  • 1250х300х20 mm
  • In the packaging of 3.6 m2/10 plates
  • Density: 105 kg/m3


  • index of reduction of impact sound of a single layer of Shumostop-K2 under the screed 100-120 kg/m2 ∆Lnw = 34 dB
  • two layers SOMETOP-K2 = 37 dB. Additional insulation airborne sound ∆Rw = 8-10 dB.

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