XPE underlay under screed

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XPE underlay under screed

Effective reduction of impact noise level up to 31dB for little money

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from 40 uah

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Chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam is a material with a closed cell structure. Produced by foaming granules of polyethylene by the addition of special reagents, resulting in formation of molecular bonds. So we see a uniform structure of the cells.

The advantages of the application:

  • available affordable
  • ease of installation, and this affects the speed of the screed
  • small thickness
  • index of reduction of impact noise meets standards
  • chemical resistance
  • long service life
  • protection from water vapor


Chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam is included in the DSTU-N B V. 1.1-34:2013 recommended!

The material is always in stock. We are the direct importer.


  • The coils 1,5х50м. Mats: 1x2 m
  • Thickness: 4 – 20 mm (steel coil); 20-40mm (mats)


  • Density: 25-30 kg/m3. (under the order is possible and higher density)
  • Color: grey
  • Application temperature: -60... 950C.
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity: up to 0.037 W/m*OS
  • The coefficient of permeability, mg/m*h*PA: 0,05
  • Water absorption by volume when fully immersed 96 h, %: ≤ 1,9
  • Dynamic modulus of elasticity at a load of 2000 N/m2, MPa: 0,25
  • Dynamic modulus of elasticity at a load of 5000 N/m2, MPa: 0,70
  • Group of Flammability – G4 (easily flammable)


Index of reduction of impact noise: ∆Lnw= 28dB (thickness 5mm), 30dB (thickness 8mm), than 31db (thickness 10mm).

Manufacturer country: Turkey.

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