Conformal coatings for "floating floors".

Camoplast is an innovative technology that represents the alignment surface on the basis of granules of foamed polystyrene, rubber additives and acrylic binders.

This product was developed by engineers acoustically subject to the requirements of many Customers for application to large areas with many irregularities, as well as with a large number of laying engineering systems in the design of the floor.
Main advantages: ease of application, speed of process, suitable for any level as a professional and an Amateur.

Application: apply Camoplast layer thickness of 30 mm and levelling the surface construction grater. The material is also applied to the walls at a level slightly above the screed, as well as on columns and other structures. Immediately pour on top of the screed across the concrete mesh for strength of ties.

Packing: polyethylene bags of 0.2 m3.The weight of the bag - 13.5 kg.

Consumption: one p/e bag for 10 sq. m of surface at a thickness of 20 mm.


  • Index of reduction of impact sound ΔLnw: thickness 10 mm – 24dB
  • Index of reduction of impact sound ΔLnw: thickness 20 mm – 28dB

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