Knauf Cubord

Panel KNAUF-Cubord thickness of only 20 mm allows to increase the sound insulation of thin walls and light in the midrange 5 – 9 dB, eliminating resonance oscillations of the original wall.


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Knauf-Cubord is a great solution to increase the level of sound insulation of gypsum partitions, partitions of aerated concrete and foam concrete with thickness of 80-100mm. Also suitable for interroom walls of the same material.

Working principle: thin walls have the lack of growth of sound insulation in the frequency range of 200-600 Hz. Panel Knauf-Cubord reduce the resonant propagation of sound in this range when mounted with 1 side.

Consists of a weighted sheet of gypsum Board with a density of 1100 kg/m3 and glued to it layered fleece.

Sheet size: 1500х1200 mm.

Material thickness: 20 mm (16 mm of gypsum Board and 4 mm fleece).
Index additional sound insulation: Rw=5-9 dB.

Distinctive features:

  • no need to use acoustic sealant and sound insulation tape;
  • quick installation;
  • obtaining optimal values of sound insulation in the presence of a thin and light partitions (walls);
  • a good solution to finish – perfectly smooth surface of the sheet of gypsum Board.

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