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Materials for sound insulation

Soundproofing is reducing the sound level during the transition from one room to another. Is estimated by the index of airborne sound insulation index Rw reduction of impact noise Lw. More Rw than Lw and below, the better!

The absorption - slightly different concept, it shows a decrease in energy level while passing a sound wave through a barrier (wall, ceiling, floor). Measured sound absorption coefficient equal to from 0 to 1.

The main tasks in this group:

Vibration – indicator, which is estimated by the attenuation of the vibrations after the installation of barriers between vibration source and the object. Is measured in dB.

This section will help you choose different materials to protect the structure from vibration, which creates engineering equipment or transport links nearby. It can be vibrapods, fibromata, supports.

Correction of room acoustics is the main problem here is the diffusion of sound and absorption. For these purposes use a variety of sinks, Islands, and acoustic panels. The reduction in reverberation time is the main task in this case.

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