Plastic ladder with corrugated throat

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Plastic ladder with corrugated throat

A plastic trap with a corrugated neck and a plastic flange.

The novelty in our assortment - trap with crimped neck and flange.

All but lattice manufactured from polypropylene. The lattice has a size of 10x10 cm and 15x15 cm Corrugated throat allows you to cut the ladder height, if necessary. The trap has a horizontal outlet pipe with a diameter of 70 mm. Inside is a dry shutter.

This model is ideal for installation in shower permanent or temporary use (at the cottage, sauna, etc.), as well as to connect the funnel to the parapet on the roof.

  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Brand: Maxiflow
  • Accessory type: ladder
  • Material: polypropylene, stainless steel
  • Color: grey
  • Grid dimension: 10х10см,15x15 cm
  • Connection diameter: 70mm
  • Product code: 5054.0Y070.10.1

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