Do I need to insulate the pipe in the boiler room

Correctly performed actions during the installation of the equipment in the boiler room - this is the way to comfort and economy.

Why use a protective coating on the insulation

Coating SILVER 1000 GUARD protects the insulation from mechanical damage, harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and weathering, and also chemically aggressive substances.

Manual installation of drainage trays

Drainage trays Ecoteck installed on a concrete base with a minimum thickness of 100 mm.

Insulation of the apartment

Insulation foamed rubber is one of the affordable and best for the price of materials for rapid sound insulation of the apartment.

External drain from a flat roof through the parapet funnel

The parapet of the funnel is mounted on the flat roofs of bituminous materials with drainage through the parapets and balconies.

How to make sound insulation of the car

One of the most popular and affordable materials for soundproofing car is a foamed rubber.

How to install point pitched aerator

Installing aerators on soft roof in the required amount in relation to its area, You will provide a dry insulation and other materials.

What is pitched aerator

To ensure ventilation and drainage of excess moisture from the roof, you need to install the dot pitched the aerator.