Gangway in stainless steel 3045

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Gangway in stainless steel 3045

Drains to be stainless steel (code 3045) withstand high temperatures, and corrosive effluents.

Drains to be stainless steel (code 3045) is a durable, reliable and stylish solution for both private and public applications.

Equipment per capita ladder:

  • Case
  • The chamber (water lock)
  • Grille (supplied in protective polyethylene film)

* The product is Packed in a cardboard box

All the components of traps for the soul series 3045, made in stainless steel AISI 304. This allows you to set the ladders for industrial use (food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries). After all, the ladders in this series: withstand high temperature, corrosive effluents. This housing is cast, it demonstrates the reliability of the design. Grate and water seal are removable elements that allows to clear the drain from debris or hair.

Ladders of this series are: with horizontal or vertical outlet.

Connection diameter: DN50 or DN100.

Grid dimension: 10x10 cm, 15x15 cm, 20x20 cm

Capacity: 25L/min

The height of the ladders:

  • 10х10см, DN50 vertical: with 86.2 mm
  • 10х10см, DN50 horizontal: 63.5 mm
  • 15х15см, DN50 vertical: 86.4 mm
  • 15х15см, DN50 horizontal: 70,3 mm
  • 20x20cm, DN100 vertical: 150,2 mm
  • 20x20cm, DN100 horizontal: 98,2 mm

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